Our Mission

“A life long value-based fellowship with philanthropic mindset towards society as whole”

Our Vision

An elite group of women who share their cultural values and knowledge to strive for a better society ,with a beautiful blend of traditions and modernity.

About Shubham Society

The name Shubham itself signifies 'auspiciousness'. It was established in 1985 by a group of 18 foresighted women. It is a well known elite society of ladies from Jaipur aiming for self development as well as that of the society. It has been very selective for incoming members and yet has grown multifold to the strength of 241 with new strength being added every year.
With constructive fellowship as its aim, Shubham has come a long way! Conducting a host of regular activities ranging from recreational to skill development, it has clearly made a name for itself , not only in Jaipur, but entire Rajasthan.
SHUBHAM, as a responsibility towards the society, runs a Gurukul for the underprivileged children.
SHUBHAM Greens takes care of the environmental demand.
Our most talked about annual event SHUBHAM RAKHI & LIFESTYLE EXHIBITION provides a platform to the women entrepreneurs, attracting Participants from all over the country to table their creativity and get exposure to the Pink city market. It's one of the most successful , talked about and awaited exhibition in the city.
Philanthropy has been the back bone of SHUBHAM Society.
Fund raised through these events is used in various charitable projects.
As a family, it's SHUBHAM'S constant endeavour to reach new horizons and we pledge to continue doing so.

Our Founder Members

“Everything begins with an idea”

“What is now proved was once only imagined.”

BOARD 2021-2022

Pallavi Patni Pic

President's Message

“Every Great Challenge is an Opportunity towards Growth and Success. Having bestowed upon me this honourable post, i humbly take this opportunity to embrace the new technology to meet the challenges the present situation has to offer. Now is the time to put everything on table, test new approaches and prepare Shubham for future. Shubham is not just a club that you join, it is an invitation to endless opportunities. I am thankful to the board and the members for the trust and faith you all have showed in me and I willfully accept to take Shubham to greater heights.”

Pallavi Patni

Secretary's Message:

“As Secretary, SHUBHAM has given me the opportunity to express myself and build a learning platform for everyone around me. Through persistent effort, cooperation and guidance from my mentors, I aim to tackle potential challenges and take the club to newer heights.”

Monika Arya
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Others Board Members

Working Committees

Contributions and Activities at Shubham

Donations during Covid 19

Safety of all !

Shubham Gurukul

Education for all!

Our Past Chairs - President

Mrs. Mala Khaitan
Mrs. Brinda Rungta
Mrs. Madhuri Nathany
Mrs. Sujata Daga
Mrs. Veena Agarwal
Mrs. Vineeta Somani
Mrs. Anjana Kedia
Mrs. Meena Kabra
Mrs. Sushma Bajaj
Mrs. Neeta Boochra
Mrs. Rita Loyalke
Mrs. Kailash Gupta
Mrs. Deepti Pongalia
Mrs. Shashi Kedia
Mrs. Nidhi Toshniwal
Mrs. Jyoti Jain
Mrs. Shailja Khaitan
Mrs. Swati Bihani
Mrs. Shipra Goyal
Mrs. Sujata Poddar
Mrs. Smita Poddar
Mrs. Anubha Baheti
Mrs. Archana Saboo
Mrs. Ruchi Sogani
Mrs. Smita Poddar
Mrs.Divya Singhania
Mrs. Radha Maheshwari

Our Past Chairs - Secretary

Mrs. Anita Saraf
Mrs.Hansa Godwat
Mrs. Vimla Somani
Mrs. Shilpa Agarwal
Mrs. Mamta Agarwal