Terms & Conditions

  1. The registration amount is payable through bank & online modes only.
  2. Booking will be confirmed only after receipt of complete payment and duly filled application form. The participant shall share the screenshot of the payment made with the respective booking cell member for payment confirmation.
  3. To claim GST, it is mandatory to furnish all details given in form at the time of booking.
  4. Booking once confirmed and payment once made is non-refundable and non-transferable. In case of any dispute, the Shubham Society Committee decision shall be final.
  5. All the Studio numbers will be allocated according to a first come first serve basis. The number allocated cannot be questioned.
  6. There are limited slots available per category. The allotment of stalls would be at the complete discretion of the Shubham Society Committee. The committee decision shall be final and non-challengeable.
  7. For one booking, a vendor’s page will be uploaded in one category only. To add the same page to another category, an upcharge will be applicable.
  8. Vendors can list up to 30 Products in their Studio. The product image content shall be provided by Vendors and shall meet the specified technical requirements. In case an image does not meet the technical requirement, it may not be uploaded.
  9. The Virtual Exhibition shall be LIVE for 5 days starting from 16th to 20th July, 2021. Post-July 20th, The studio will be deactivated
  10. Vendors will receive all the customer's leads into their WhatsApp Account as provided in this form.
  11. Vendors shall adhere to professionalism and follow business ethics while dealing with customers on Whatsapp. They shall be solemnly responsible for the complete sale of product.
  12. Vendors shall be responsible for payments, logistics and customer service post sales of a product.
  13. Shubham Society holds the right to cancel a vendor’s registration at any time if it is in larger interest to do so. In that event, Shubham Society cannot be held liable legally or otherwise.
  14. Shubham Society holds all rights to cancel the exhibition at any time. In that event, Shubham Society cannot be held liable legally or otherwise. The registration amount will be duly refunded to all registered vendors.
  15. Final decisions on all related matters rest with the Shubham Society Committee. The decisions shall be upheld.
  16. Shubham Society’s only role is to provide a platform to connect buyers and sellers online. It holds no liability for any transaction, delivery failure of payment, fraud or any other matter whatsoever.
  17. All legal disputes are subject to Jaipur jurisdiction.